Enterprise Service Management Tools Design and Architecture

Have you ever tried to build a house without an architect? Many Service management tools programs start by staff hearing about a tool and thinking that a tool will solve the orgnsanistations problems. What we offer at System Pioneers is a service where we work with each part of your organisation and we design a solution that will work. The solution will then enable integration and automation requried by a modern digital organisation.

The Cure for IT Alert Overload - Automatically consolidate your alerts by up to 99%

Using BigPanda and your flavour of Monitoring tools, combined with System Pioneers proven expertise, finally a solution that can make sense of the noise from system/ infrastructure, applications, logs, metrics and web/ users. Integrate with a "systems of record" or modern notification solutions like #Slack and Hipchat.

Business Service Management - There's more to this topic than meets the eye!

"Systems of record" / Ticketing systems have been around for a long time. Many are designed around the ITIL framework. Most tools are designed for the Enterprise. Understand more about what's out there and what you need from these tools. We can help you avoid the traps of selecting the wrong toolset.

IT Asset Management - Inventory discovery, Deploy, Patch, Integrate

Not all Asset management solutions are made equal. Do you have operating systems other than just MS-Windows? Are firewalls getting in the way? Do you have mobile devices? BMC Client Manager provides a high level of functionality at an affordable price point. SaaS or on premises. Contact System Pioneers today for a trial.

Service Measurement & Reporting - Easy to use real-time dashboards and reports.
Empower your staff and increase company performance.

Tired of being hassled for daily updates and metrics, develop and understaning of the solutions that are available today and help your business benefit from the data that already exists using simple to use "point and click" technology without complex scripting and coding.

SIAM - Getting the best from Multi Supplier integration.

Service Integration and Management. Let Systems Pioneers help you through the journey of integrating your service offering. From governance models to fulfilment and change models. Call us today and we can develop a practical, nononse plan. Learn about tools like Jitterbit for Case Exchange and BMC MyIT for aggregated catalogues.

Advisory & Resourcing

System Pioneers has a wealth of experience with BSM and ESM projects. We also offer ITIL and Prince2 training. Are you having trouble finding resources for your project or even a full time role? We often find that we can locate the resource you are looking for faster and at less cost than agencies. Call us today with your requirements. 

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