Our Story

System Pioneers founded by Mark Rindel and Daniel Zmood.

Our primary business focus is to help customers, optimise their approach to Business Service Management by architecting pragmatic solutions which enable processes to run smoothly.

Rindel & Rindel (R&R) has been an active BMC Software partner since 2013. In 2014 Daniel Zmood joined R&R, since then software sales and services revenue have significantly increased. Daniel and Mark have now consolidated operations under the System Pioneers brand. This includes a number of partnerships that Daniel had previously established under the Service Pioneers brand.

Mark Rindel – Founder, Director

Mark is a Senior IT consultant/ solution architect with over 23 years experience, focused on understanding client’s needs and providing pragmatic outcomes with lasting value.  Proficient in all major operating systems, databases, associated server and network infrastructure. Successfully delivered implementations in a large variety of industries and market segments. Mark has the proven ability to deliver required outcomes, be it to small organisations or at the C-Level.

While working for Numara Australia, Mark focused on new sales and delivery for the APAC region. Responsibilities included managing the pre and post sales technical teams. Performing as the subject matter expert for all the Numara products in APAC. Providing internal training and expertise for all staff. Providing training, consulting and service delivery for strategic new customer acquisitions. 

Mark Rindel has been involved with the FootPrints product since its inception. This was originally with Unipress (Unisoft), prior to the Numara acquisition and the subsequent BMC acquisitions. Mark lead the team responsible for over 95% of all APAC region FootPrints installations and configurations. Today System Pioneers now service over 50% of Southern region BMC FootPrints customers.  Our relationships with BMC stretch right back to the BMC FootPrints R&D teams and Product teams.

Daniel Zmood – Founder, Director

Daniel is a highly skilled Information technology professional with over ten years of Business service management experience in a variety of roles. Roles have encompassed sales/ pre-sales, architecture, consulting and delivery. Work has been conducted within large corporates like HP Enterprise Services as well as smaller professional services organisations like Numara (BMC) and TUSC. Extensive business experience combined with IT Service and Systems management skills.

Sales, Architecture and delivery skills have been developed, delivering to C-Level and operations across all levels of Government and commercial customers in a variety of industries. Passion for delivering excellent service. Ability to identify process improvement opportunities. Enthusiastic leader with ability to perform and participate in a team oriented environment. Analytical decision making. Results focused, strives for the completion of tasks, working with a passion, awareness of time and budget constraints. Ability to maintain a professional and courteous manner in difficult situations. Ability to maintain high quality work to manage multiple critical projects. Ability to develop new opportunities, liaise with customers and develop requirements into solutions. Strong planning and organisation, communication and negotiation skills.





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